when I’m not taking photos I enjoy the simple things —


forests, hiking and just about everything outdoors, a warm cup of cappuccino, eating pizza and spending time with my close friends.

My inspiration has always come from the outdoors, and nature is often the backdrop of my photography work. I usually pick the quiet places for our photoshoot rather than really busy ones, so that you can truly just be yourselves.

I'm specialised in weddings, couples and boudoir, but I absolutely love all kinds of lifestyle sessions and being a part of everyday life.

what goals do I have for this business

obviously there's the simple ones like book wonderful shoots, focus on my creativity and cultivate my style. Challenge myself. I have a very visual mind and always see new photos in my mind — seeing them come to life, it gives me a thrill.

But then there's the deeper ones like, making sure my clients walk away from our time together feeling seen and understood. That the energy I pour into every shoot, every text and every email, is received by my people who match that energy.

hääkuvaaja tampere 001

Taking photos is not just something I enjoy, but it is how I connect with people, putting a bit of my heart into others' personal experiences.

I believe in

01. Embracing adventure and big feelings

02. Presence over perfection